Smoking Tips

The Monsters




Catering Menu

The Appetisers

Burnt Ends: Not really burnt but heavily smoked so you get a strong dose of the essence of wood. Specify beef, pork or ribs.

Twice Cooked Chicken Wings: We smoke these wings first to give them the authentic barbecue taste. We follow them up with a quick deep fry to seal in the flavours. Specify breaded or au natural.

Smoked Sausage: Sausage cooked the way it was meant to be cooked, low and slow.

The Meats

Beef Brisket: Slow smoked for at least 10 hours and then sliced or pulled to your liking. Available spicy, savoury, sweet or Montreal spiced.

Pulled or Sliced Pork: Slow smoked for at least eight hours and then sliced or pulled. Available spicy, savoury or sweet.

Baby Back or St. Louis Spare Ribs: Slow smoked for at least four hours until juicy and falling of the bone. Available spicy, savoury or sweet.

Chicken: Your choice of thighs, breasts, or halved, smoked until just done. Available savoury or sweet.

Salmon: Lightly smoked until just cooked through. Available candied, teriyaki or dusted with dill.

The Sides


Baked potatoes with sour cream, scallions and pork bits
Garlic mashed potatoes with smoky gravy
Roast potato wedges
Smoky potato salad with pork bits
Mac & Cheese with pork bits
Smoky dirty rice


Grilled corn on the cob (seasonal)
Smoky creamed corn
Traditional Southern smoky baked beans
Greens with your choice of dressings (contact for details)
Caesar salad